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Reinhard Kramer


Ann-Sophie Kramer

How it all started...

In the 80s Bernhard Kramer started to actively breed warmbloods. When the children grew up, first "rental ponies" came to us over winter from the holiday farm Schulte-Übermühlen in Hilter. Then followed our own children's ponies and later riding horses for tournaments from the sons, Hermann and Reinhard Kramer.

The children started their studies or vocational training. The riding horses were sold and at the beginning of the 90's Bernhard and Reinhard became more and more interested in breeding riding ponies.

Our first mare...

The then longtime chairman of the Pferdestammbuch Weser-Ems e. V. Friedrich Reinking, Düneburg was asked for advice. He recommended the breeder Egon Wichmann in Edewecht. We visited the Wichmann family and purchased a 1 1/2 year old chestnut mare from the famous line of the elite mare "Susann". With this chestnut mare "Sahra" by Brillant out of Susann we visited the first shows as a 3 year old and received the title "State Premium". In 2001 this mare in foal by the stallion "Losander" was sold to the Czech Republic. The buyer had success with our mare and the foal became best riding pony foal in the Czech Republic in the same year!
The targeted purchases of the 2 1/2 year old "Sira" followed in 1994 and in 1993 the filly "Gina" from the special line of "Giana" by the family Herold Coldewey from Sage-Haast. With these two lines the successful pony breeding began for us.


Following years of pony breeding...

In 1996 Reinhard applied as a young judge at the Pferdestammbuch Weser-Ems e. V. in Oldenburg. Over the years he acquired the knowledge and the right "eye" for the animal evaluation of horses and ponies from the legendary breeding director and managing director Winfried Krüger.

Since 2000 Reinhard Kramer has been a member of the licensing commission of the Pferdestammbuch Weser-Ems e. V. in Vechta.

As a breeder Reinhard Kramer is always very open for new mating possibilities and new bloodlines. Every year he visits the important stallion approvals in Hanover, Rhineland, Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein or in Holland (Ermelo) in order to critically observe the young stallions or the hereditary strengths and weaknesses of the stallion or mare lines. This is not only very important for him as a breeder, but also as a licensing commissioner for "his" association and in Westphalia. In 2019 he was honoured to represent the Pferdestammbuch Weser-Ems as 1st chairman. In summer 2020 Reinhard was proposed and elected to the licensing commission for stallions of the Ponyforum.

The next generation...

Since 2007 the third generation is now also active in pony breeding. Since then Hendrik Kramer is a member of the young breeders of the Oldenburger-Pferdes/Weser-Ems and takes part in several training courses. In 2009 he wins the Young Breeders' Day in Rastede and takes part in the German Championships where he takes a good 12th place. At the Young Breeders' Competition 2011 in Vechta on the occasion of the Free Jumping Day, he achieved 1st place. He is jointly responsible for the breeding decisions and is as interested in breeding as his sire and grandfather and knows the pedigrees and mare lines very well. He has been designing this homepage with his brother Alexander Kramer since December 2009 and is responsible for marketing, customer service and figures around the riding pony breeding.

Our youngest team member, who was also infected by the "horse virus", is Ann-Sophie Kramer.

Since she was five years old Ann-Sophie rode in competition sport up to class L.

Now she is actively involved in breeding and therefore only rides in her free time.

She also participates with great enthusiasm in the design of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the homepage.

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